Dental implants are meant to lay down a solid foundation for replacement teeth that feel and function like natural teeth. To the unknowing eye, they will look exactly like real teeth.

  • Regaining the ability to eat all foods and smile with confidence are two very important things for a person who has lost teeth. With the best dental implants, you’ll regain all this while preserving your facial contours.
  • Tiny titanium posts are placed into the jaw bone where teeth used to be. These are the implants. What happens next is the bone begins to bond with the titanium, forging a strong foundation for artificial teeth.
  • By preserving the facial structure, dental implants prevent bone deterioration, something that happens when teeth are missing. With dental implants, people are changing their lives by rediscovering comforts they didn’t know they were missing. They regain the confidence to speak, laugh, eat and enjoy everything to the fullest.

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An implant is an artificial titanium tooth that is placed into the jaw. Being that titanium is extremely bio-compatible, new bone forms around the structure.