We all want healthy mouths with a white appearance waving the flag for good oral hygiene. At Converse Smiles, we have a special and tested technique that’s been proven to whiten teeth. It’s called “Zoom! Advance Power System”. All patients may be considered for this treatment that’s offered both in-office and as a take-home treatment. Doesn’t matter which option you go with, you’ll be taking the first and vital step toward whiter teeth.
  • “Zoom!” was developed to give you instant results, contrary to many other teeth whiteners being marketed today. It’s so effective that it whitens the spaces between your teeth. You’ll see a brighter smile after just one visit to our office. We’ll take you through each step of the procedure, protecting first your gum and lip area before getting started.
  • One of our experts will then put “Zoom!” on your properly exposed teeth. Since “Zoom!” is in gel form, it is placed both in front and behind your teeth in order to remove all the stains.
  • In the duration of 45 minutes, the process is repeated three times. On occasion, we may recommend the use of whitening trays at home to prolong your teeth’s newly-achieved color. We recommend you to refrain from consuming food and drink that may stain your teeth once again. We also strongly caution against using substances like tobacco.
  • You’ll be able to take with you some at-home “Zoom!” formulations for later use. These will help maintain your whitening results.
At Converse Smiles, we’re proud to provide an effective teeth whitening procedure. Our take-home teeth whitening trays are customized, so you won’t have to deal with much irritation. They last for a long time and can be used at your leisure. We will give you whitening syringes to take home and instructions on how to use the trays to whiten your teeth at home. If you’re looking for a service that goes beyond teeth whitening, Converse Smiles is the place to visit. We’ll be happy to provide you with recommendations if you’d like to know more about what procedure could benefit you for all of your cosmetic dentistry needs.