Sedation Dentistry is also known as sleep dentistry. If visiting the dentist causes you to feel afraid, you may be keeping yourself from having a brilliant smile. So, what’s the solution? Visit Converse Smiles today and fear not! We’ll take care of you and that’s a promise.

We recognize that anxiety can keep many people from visiting their local dentist. At Converse Smiles, we want to remedy that and offer you the life-changing dental care you deserve.

If dental fear is a real barrier between you and a healthy smile, we have ways to make the process of dental care easier than you ever thought possible. With three types of anxiety remedies, even the most hesitant patients will experience a calm and satisfying dental treatment.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation remedies mild anxiety and works well with short appointments.

  • Take a small pill before commencing the procedure.
  • Our sedatives are FDA-approved with a long history of safety.
  • During dental treatment, you will remain awake and responsive in a comfortable and relaxed environment. That being said, you’ll remember only a part of your visit.


Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” this sedative will calm your anxious nerves and help you through the treatment.

  • Before beginning, you put on a nose mask and inhale an odorless gas mixed with oxygen. We have flavored masks and you get to pick your favorite flavor.
  • Nitrous Oxide can be increased or decreased during your procedure.
  • After the treatment is completed, you’ll feel completely normal, and will even be able to drive a car.
  • Nitrous Oxide is in and out of your system very quick

IV Sedation

IV sedation has helped countless patients:

  • Medications with a calming effect flow from an IV into your bloodstream before beginning any treatment.
  • An IV sedation is administered only by a board-certified anesthesiologist standing by your side. The process is the same as any other surgical procedure.
  • While you will be responsive to us, during IV sedation you will be unaware of the treatment you’ll be undergoing. You won’t feel any pain nor have any memory. It will be over before you know it.

Why Call Us for Sedation Dentistry? Here Are 3 Reasons.

  1. We provide a treatment that will relax you: A personalized sedation solution will wash away all your anxiety.
  2. An elevated experience: Our sedation dentists have many years of training and experience to make sure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.
  3. Comfort without equal: Your appointment will undoubtedly be a pleasant experience. With the best sedation team at your disposal, there’s no cause for fear.

Dental fear pushes many patients to delay their necessary dental treatments. We understand, but the fact remains. We constantly see the problems neglected teeth can have on patients’ lives.

Most problems related to your teeth don’t begin to give you pain until they’ve reached an urgent and irreversible state. A simple cavity continues to progress until it reaches the tooth’s center, where the nerve is located. At that point, bacteria begin to destroy the bone around your teeth at a slow pace and before you even notice what’s happening, 90% of the bone can disappear.

It is often that pain begins in the later stages of a developing problem. If you sit around and wait for notable discomfort to set in, it’s highly probable that you will require more rigorous treatment, as opposed to if the problem had been diagnosed earlier. That’s why regular checkups are essential, where problems can be detected, resulting in fewer visits and less cost in the long run.

Our dentists specialize in providing our patients with dental experiences devoid of any worry. At Converse Smiles, we find the sedation option that’s right for you and put our experience to work by proposing a plan that fits perfectly with your dental needs. Get in touch today and let’s schedule a visit to discuss any concerns you may have and begin your journey to better health.